October 15th, 2014


Что, такие разводки ещё не вышли из моды?

Jacob: Hello Peter
Peter: Hello Jacob. Do I know you?

Jacob: you speak english
Peter: you too

Jacob: please can we talk now?
Peter: aren't we doing it already?

Jacob: I'm Jacob Jeff, I work in the bank as account auditor
Peter: Ok, nice to meet you.

Jacob: and you? thanks
Peter: I'm Peter Trubinov, musicologist. So what can I do for you?

I have a deal which i want to introduce to you and it will be benefit for you and me
As i work in the bank, In my department I discovered an abandoned sum of $6200.000 US Dollars in an account that belongs to one of our foreign customers Late Engineer Vladimir Trubinov, of your country who unfortunately died of kidney cancer with nu-identified family or relative.
I am contacting you to stand in as a next of kin to his deposited funds in our bank here since you share the same last name with our late client
On confidence of patent recovering, I will give you more information, hence you will corporate with my due understanding and knowledge of bringing this
claim to a best conclusion
For further correspondence and confirmation, I will furnish you with detailed clarification on receipt of your response. Please observe utmost confidentiality, and be rest assured that this claim would be most profitable for both of us
I want you to understand everything about this transaction very clearly before we proceed but please create email address at www.hotmail.com or www.Gmail.com and use it to respond directly to my private email address below so that i will send you all the details and explanation of this deal: akquarrias@gmail.com

Sorry I cannot help. This case has obviously nothing to do with me or my family. Bye