December 16th, 2016


Corrupted repeat sign in Finale

Found a new bug in Finale 2014.

Let's say you have a score with a meter change

with a repeat section before that

and another repeat section immediately after that.

There are at least two staves in the score

but the second staff is hidden through Staff -> Hide Empty Staves, so only the first one is shown.

And this staff is for a transposed instrument, let's say Trumpet in B

And as this is common for the brass instruments, you want to show all the alteration as accidentals instead of key signature

Oops! Here is the problem: you lost thick line in the backward repeat sign.

It makes unusable this new checkbox (which have been introduced in this version of Finale) because this result is unacceptable for decent publishers.
Luckily we still can use the old (unnatural) way which was working in Finale for 20 years: apply so called "chromatic" transposition.

However if your score has key signature changes, you need to specify "independent key signature" for your transposing instrument and set it to C through the whole piece.

Which is not a big problem, but in this case why we need to pay for Finale updates if we cannot use their new features?