Peter True Be Know (ptrue) wrote,
Peter True Be Know

Strange spacing in Dorico

Meanwhile Dorico scoring application is promoting the publishers who are promoting Dorico («Кукушка хвалит петуха, за то что хвалит он кукушку»). In one of the last newsletters it was Chichester Music Press with publication of The Shrewsbury Canticles by Benjamin Costello.

Among the publication itself the publisher prepared a video with the Dorico's playback of this piece accompanied by the music pages view.

It was a good chance to get familiar with the Dorico's output used in production.

The first question appeared on the very first staff system of the publication (shown during first 15 seconds of the video).
Look at first three bars of the score. Do you understand the rhythm? I don't. When was listening to the sound track I even had doubts that the music page corresponds to the audio. The music sounds as a sequence of flat quarters. So it should look accordingly. But it doesn't. The space between the second and the third beats is much smaller than between 1st and 2nd. That's just because first two beats belong to the voice 1 while the third beat belongs to the voice 2. That was an obstacle for Dorico to space them evenly! Compare that with the bar 4, where vocal part starts which has all three beats there in the same voice: the organ part becomes correct here.

Finale had absolutely same problem. You can see it in the bar 1 (compare to the correct spacing in the bar 2, where all the beats belong to the same voice):

That observation is very discouraging about Dorico which promised to be a completely new tool implemented after lot of researches with taking into account all the sicknesses of the old notators but appeared to be almost the same.
Tags: dorico, notovodstvo, spacing
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